LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO Review by Brett Rutecky – Best Self Hosted Full Featured Autoresponder system to Send Unlimited Email for Unlimited Subscriber and get you delivery rates which brings you overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky – Best Self Hosted Full Featured Autoresponder system to Send Unlimited Email for Unlimited Subscriber and get you delivery rates which brings you overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email

What is LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO ?

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky is Best Self Hosted Full Featured Autoresponder system to Send Unlimited Email for Unlimited Subscriber and get you delivery rates which are high and brings you overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email. This gives people full control over their emailing without any restrictions while getting the best delivery to help you make MORE money from your email marketing. Exactly 7 Figure Marketer Reveals The NEW Software He Personally Uses To EMAIL OPENS RATES, CLICKS & PROFITS… Without EVER Paying Monthly Fees For Email Services. This is World’s 1st & Only Email Software Where No One Can Hurt Your Delivery Rates… Ever. Plus for this launch, Commercial Rights Included During This 3 Day Launch ONLY. Using LetsMail exclusively Brett has already made over $10,000 in affiliate commissions alone! PLUS since using LetsMail… His income has increased by 27% from when he used 3rd party autoresponders. He’s saved $1000s in recurring fees. He’s getting 100% email deliverability for EVER promo he sends. Check Details Product! LetsMail is an AMAZING product by Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky. Mike from Maine & Brett is the extreme talented internet marketer who has been dominating the IM arena both as a product creator and as a top affiliate. This powerful system allows you to utilize the self-hosted email system that sets a limit on possible troubles. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will conduct the process of delivering emails smoothly and efficiently. LetsMail pushes you out of limitation. You can send emails to as many people as possible, creating a massive chance for you to expand your customer list in a flash. Moreover, broadcast messages and email sequences are also allowed to be sent by LetsMail. Next LetsMail will enable you to wipe out all invalid emails on autopilot while importing your lists. As a result, you can optimize your delivery rate. What is more, you will no longer need to spend a great fortune and time filtering your list. You can also manage your ongoing process of email marketing by using LetsMail. It will let you keep track of open rates, click rates, or even spam complaints through a few clicks. Plus LetsMail offers you various customizable sign-up forms that help you gather information about customers in the blink of an eye.

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO is self hosted full featured Autoresponder system. It gives you full control over your emailing without any restrictions while getting the the best delivery. LetsMail is designed to assist you in email marketing, which significantly contributes to the success of your business. In other words, it will grant you a chance to accelerate your email marketing, thereby helping to identify potential clients and engage them to buy your service or product effortlessly. Even after sending out thens of thousands of emails I still GET BETTER DELIVERABILITY AND OPENS then I ever did with multi user systems! Plus LetsMail creates and sends emails in a way that the ISPs LOVE. Of course, you can achieve all of such a great triumph thanks to advanced features provided by LetsMail. This software performs as an optimal email autoresponder that lets you make full use of email marketing without effort. What is more, once investing in LetsMail, you will no longer face troubling scenarios such as email restriction, blacklist, spam reports, and many more. Thus, this prominent software will not only bring you an enjoyable experience in using email marketing but also enforce your competitiveness power while your rival still keeps fighting with problems. You don’t need to be a “technical wizard” to get results with this. If you can point and click your mouse, you can use LetsMail. This software was intentionally designed to be extremely user-friendly, and with the included step-by-step video guides, getting started is a breeze. “I have used Get Response, Aweber, Mail Chimp and Drip and I find that Brett’s system is getting me better results than MOST of these and is certainly MUCH better value. It has all of the features that an online marketer would want with none of the fluff you don’t need. I will continue to use the system as it is getting me enquiries and sales daily. Thanks Brett, (Jon Bowtell-LetsMail beta tester).

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LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky – Best Self Hosted Full Featured Autoresponder system to Send Unlimited Email for Unlimited Subscriber and get you delivery rates which brings you overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky

What Powerfull Features of LetsMail Autoresponder :

  • Create Unlimited Lists
    Maximize profits with the power of segmentation
  • 1-Click Unsubscribe Enabled
    To minimize spam complaints
  • Powerful Integrations
    LetsMail directly integrates with multiple popular marketing platforms
  • Full Tracking
    Scale winning promos & optimize others with complete stats including opens, clicks, bounces and more
  • Built-In Send Throttling
    Keeps you compliant with any hosting service
  • Straightforward Setup
    Be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Versatile
    Send emails with your own website hosting – without paying anything extra… OR use a relay such as Amazon, Gmail, SendGrid and more.
  • Unrestricted List Import
    They’re your subscribers and LetsMail lets you keep all of them. Upload any lists you want with a mouse click. Unlike other services, none of your leads will mysteriously vanish when you import them.
  • Automatic List Filtering
    When you import lists, invalid emails are automatically filtered out. This maximizes your ongoing delivery rates and saves you the time and cost of manually cleaning your lists.
  • Send From Multiple Addresses
    Use LetsMail for ALL your needs: for multiple brands or businesses in your portfolio, and to send on behalf of clients.
  • Send As Many Emails As You Want – Including Both Broadcasts And Sequences
    No extra charges EVER for sending unlimited broadcast messages AND complete email sequences.
  • Full Tracking At Your Fingertips
    Get the key email stats to scale your business. See open rates, click rates, spam complaints and more with the click of your mouse.
  • Send Formatted HTML Messages
    Prefer to do your own formatting? No problem – the powerful WYSIWYG message creator makes it easy and code-free.
  • Spf – Dkim And Can Spam Compliant
    So you don’t have to worry about violating any of the major emailing rules & regulations.
  • Create Unlimited Opt-In Forms
    Build your lists faster in any niche with customizable sign up forms you can have ready in seconds.
  • Step By Step Training
    Showing how to setup and get best results from your new autoresponder. Even if you are a newbie and have no experience in email marketing, this system will give you full potential because it provides training you that you are not left behind and can take full advantage of this product.

How To Use LetsMail PRO Autoresponder :

  1. Step 1: Log In
    Fill in your registered email and password. Then, click to the Log In button to get started. In the main dashboard, you can see a quick overview of your campaigns, such as the total subscribers, total clicks, etc.
  2. Step 2: Create A New List
    In order to create your list, simply click into “Lists” on the menu bar, and then click “Create New” button. You need to complete a couple of settings. You need to enter your list name, subscriber message, unsubscribe message, and double opt-in message.
  3. Step 3: Select your email content, choose the addressees and the time of sending:
    Within only 3 simple stages, you are able to send emails to numerous customers, thereby helping you achieve more clients and skyrocket your selling process. There is nothing more enjoyable than optimizing the effectiveness of the procedure yet staying in comfort.

LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky

Product Details & OTO :

Front End- LetsMail Autoresponder Software by Brett Rutecky

There are 3 OTO :
OTO-UPSELL #1 – LetsMail Pro Premium upgrade OTO
LetsMail Pro, Now take LetsMail to the next level with the PRO upgrade that gives you powerful features. EXCLUSIVE Premium Features To Explode Your Email Profits. Lightning Fast Email Sending, Send Non-Branded Emails And Drive HIGHER Conversions by Re-sending to Unopens. Front-Line Support, Premium gives you top-level access to on-demand support specialists. You’ll jump the line and get answers to your questions FAST. We’re here to help build your business and because time is money, premium members will benefit from the fastest support in the industry. We may offer Premium access in future, but we cant guarantee it will be for a price that is as low as you’re seeing right now. Of course your low investment is completely covered by our 14 day money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out right now. So pick up LetsMail Premium now and check it out for 14 days risk free. If you’re not blown away by your results, your money back. That simple.
EXCLUSIVE Premium Features :

  • Lightning Fast Email Sending
    – Money loves speed, and now you can send emails up to 200X faster than with the the basic version …
    – Get more messages in front of more prospects faster than the competition, and skyrocket your commissions!
    Send Non-Branded Emails
    – In Premium, the LetsMail branding & link are REMOVED from the bottom of your emails.
    – Use your own unique signature that links back to your web properties… and grow your authority even faster.
  • Drive HIGHER Conversions by Re-sending to Unopens
    Profitable campaigns require multiple emails. But not everyone on your list wants to see the same message multiple times. Premium access lets you resend to people that didn’t open up the 1st time, so you get the highest possible reach while keeping your subscribers happy.

OTO-UPSELL #2 – LetsMail Agency Edition OTO
LetsMail Agency, It’s Time “Resell Rights” Put Profits In YOUR Pocket. We’ve developed a reseller system that’s completely unique and as DFY as possible. In fact its so powerful… we had to get special permission from the CEO of JVZoo just to make it available. With LetsMail Agency Reseller, YOU’RE In Control: YOU Get The List, YOU Keep The Profits, And WE Provide All The Tools, Hosting AND Support. This UNIQUE opportunity lets you sell LetsMail as your own product fast and easy… If you can copy and paste some HTML you can use our agency system. You Just Found THE Shortcut To The #1 Way To Profit Online. You’ll have a proven product to sell as your own. DFY sales pages, hosting and delivery. And NEVER have to worry about updates or support. There’s NOTHING out there that comes close. We know, because we needed special permissions to make this available.
What Benefit fro You :

  • Sell LetsMail individually to clients and prospects as a powerful, cost-saving autoresponder.
  • Promote it as your OWN front-end product on JVZoo… even invite affiliates to join the party!
  • Use it as a funnel element on existing products to add value and bottom line profits – LetsMail has universal appeal for ANYONE marketing online!
  • WE Provide All The Tools, Hosting AND Support

OTO-UPSELL #3 – LetsMail Training + Bonus Software OTO
This brand new Custom Software and Training Makes Building An Email List 10X Easier. In this live coaching Brett is going to teach his ‘secret tactic’ that allows him to get paid hundreds of dollars to add dozens of ready to spend buyer leads to his email list.
What you get:

  • The Training
    We’ll teach you how to build a profitable email list and make money at the same time. This training will be LIVE so that you can ask questions on the call while we walk you step-by-step through the entire process.
  • The Software
    You’ll get access to our list building software so that you can start building your email list today using our proven system.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • What makes LetsMail different & better than other autoresponders?
    Lots of things, but MOST IMPORTANTLY: You get better superior email deliverability and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone but you to impact that delivery. Meaning more of your emails hit the inbox, so your profit potential is much higher than with any other autoresponder, regardless of cost.
  • Isn’t self-hosted email complicated?
    LetsMail has been specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The included step-by-step video tutorials make it easy to get started, even if you don’t have previous experience with self-hosted mailing services.
    What about delivery rates? I’ve heard some self-hosted systems are inconsistent… Brett personally uses LetsMail EXCLUSIVELY for his 7 figure marketing business, and his delivery rates have increased.
  • Are there restrictions on what lists I import or how many emails I send?
    No restrictions! Upload as many subscribers and lists, and send as any emails as you want.
  • How many subscribers can I have?
    AS MANY AS YOU WANT. Unlike “the other guys”, you’ll never face additional charges for growing your list.
  • Are there any monthly fees?
    Not right now. You can get LetsMail for a low, one-time investment from this page, to potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on your list size) when compared with other providers.

Test-Drive LetsMail Risk-Free 14 Days Guarantee
We understand that making the switch to a new autoresponder can seem like a big decision… even a software that’s fully proven by independent testers. Of course, we also know that once you see a MASSIVE increase in opens and start making more money from your list, you’ll LOVE LetsMail. That’s why we’re giving you 14 days to try it out for yourself: Lock-in your discount by claiming your access now. Follow the over-the-shoulder video tutorials to get up and running. Then, decide if this is for you. We’re pretty sure once you start using LetsMail, you won’t want to go back to whatever autoresponder you were using before. But if you decide FOR ANY REASON it’s not for you… just let us know within 14 days and we’ll refund your tiny investment. It doesn’t get more fair than that.

What is more, LetsMail also offers you a detailed training program. Thus, if you feel a sense of uncertainty about how to take full advantage of the software, it’s high time for you to relax. Besides, LetsMail is newbie-friendly, so I am quite sure that you only need to keep track with the instructions, you will definitely run this second-to-none software effectively without breaking a sweat. Get Download LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO with 14 days moneyback guarantee for you here!

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LetsMail Autoresponder & OTO by Brett Rutecky – Best Self Hosted Full Featured Autoresponder system to Send Unlimited Email for Unlimited Subscriber and get you delivery rates which brings you overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email

Product Offer :
Front End- LetsMail Autoresponder Software by Brett Rutecky
OTO-UPSELL #1 – LetsMail Pro Premium upgrade OTO
OTO-UPSELL #2 – LetsMail Agency Edition OTO
OTO-UPSELL #3 – LetsMail Training + Bonus Software OTO